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Programming in 3DCoat - Scripting manual

Andrey Syrokomskiy

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I began to work the scripting and planning a collection of tutorials by coding.

On today 3DCoat's scripting is too poor, but we try harder for improve it.

I wrote some notes with observe a new scripting and you can use this code and this docs since v4.5.32.

At least, I hope this will)

Updated 26/3/2016

The docs for read)

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On 30.3.2016 at 8:33 AM, Andrey Syrokomskiy said:

access to all elements of user interface (UI)

YES! I can't wait for this. I also really want to be able to create UI-elements via scripting, so that a 3D-coat script could present it's own interface for options, etc.

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3DC 2021 - B54

Scripting updated. Changes:

- Added a Script command generator in the primitive tool, Sculpt, and Retopo rooms. You can save your actions in a script file, change your primitive parameters in the script and run it again.

- Added the support of Modeling and Retopo primitives via Scripts. You can use the retopo classes for creating the primitives in the Retopo and Modeling room via scripts.

- RMB+MMB gives complete info about the item, including several methods of usage.

- You may set in preferences what info will be provided via RMB+MMB.

- All commands within VoxTree RMB working correctly via script.

- All tools accessible to activate in any room, the corresponding room will be activated.

- RMB+MMB over voxtree items gives useful info for scripting (Vox interface) + cmd/ui interface.

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