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Hi everyone.


I want to get a education licence for 3D-Coat but i have several question before to make my purchase. Currently, i use a demo of this software.

Can i open my 3D-Coat file make in the demo version witch my education licence??? 


And secondly, if i buy and education licence, it's only for one computer?? Or  can i installe the software on several computer??


I already check on the purchase page but i a little lost.


Thank for your help.











Ps: I speak french in true, so be gentle with my english :)

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Hi !

Can i open my 3D-Coat file make in the demo version witch my education license



can i install the software on several computer?

If you are a private individual, you may install and use the Software maximum on three computers - on one office computer and on two your personal home computers, provided that you do not use the Software simultaneously on more than one computer.


Sometimes the Software will connect to the Pilgway's web-based server to check simultaneous use of the software on a computer. No private information will be transferred, except for the serial number authentication. Pilgway's web-based server will prohibit the work of the Software in case several computers simultaneously use the Software with one serial number. In case of repeated simultaneous use of the same serial number on several computers the serial number and the normal work of the Software will be permanently blocked.

The same serial number authentication will be made between the computers connected into a local area network.



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