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Crash when I implement "calculate occlusion".

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Hello 3D COAT community :)

I'm new to come here and testing 3D COAT4.5 in trial mode on my computer.

As the title says, 3D COAT crashes when I implement "calculate occlusion" in texture menu.

So I couldn't use some of the smart materials.

The error message is as follows:


"The procedure entry point?

destroy@task_base@internal@interface5@tbb@SAXAAVtask@4@@z could not be located in the dynamic link library tbb_debug.dll" 
I ues windows 7 64bit
I have no idea what to do so I really appreciate if someone gives me any information.
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I know in the 4.5.03 build ( cuda dx64   win 8.1 )  that after  you  have the Ambient Occlusion Layer  ( for Smart Material ) if you try to delete that Layer 3dc will crash . This is fixed in a later version don't know which build you are using for the trail run? 

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With  1 Giga  Ram it may be your Gpu Ram. (if you work on a high poly scene)


Can you kindly update to the latest beta? Its stable enough regardless the name.

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