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Here is an old gameartisans entry that I never finished. I decided to go the hand painted route. Its still a early WIP.





On a side note, whenever I run 3DCoat on my laptop, the computer gets really hot and the fan is working hard. I am afraid I'm going to burn something up. Is there anything I can do to solve this or ease it? My specs are:

Windows 10 64Bit

Processor: AMD A4-4300M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2.50GHz

RAM: 4.00GB (3.46GB useable)


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Good stuff, always a fan of seeing hand painted stuff.


As for your heating issue, I'm not entirely sure. I'd say your RAM is in the low-end of computers these days, and I tend to avoid using laptops for any sort of art work, buuut it is a bit suspicious if all you're doing is painting on a low poly mesh. You haven't got some bajillion poly voxel object sat in the sculpt room do you?

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Nice work! Nightwing is a great character, digging the aged version. :)



Regarding your computer, I can only speak from my experience. Every time I've used 3DC on my laptop, it goes completely crazy with the fans. I used 3DC on the same laptop for months on end with no problems though. 3DC is based on a game engine that Andrew developed years ago, and when I run games on the same laptop I get the same intensive fan usage. So I would say it's "normal", as far as how 3DC and 3D** games use the GPU.

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**clarified to note 3D games, not 2D games
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