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Paid version thinking its free version

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Alright i texture my model at uni and home, both of wich have paid versions of 3d coat, at home i can save normaly but at uni it doesnt let me save because it says its a trial or something. so i usualy just quit the program and then for some reason it askes me 'do you want to save' and i click yes, so thats my workaround for uni, also this means i cannot export textures at uni because of that stupid bug i guess.. But the thing is now im at home on my paid version and it will not let me export my texture. Somehow the version at uni has infected my save and i dont know if ill be able to get my hard work out of 3d coat :(


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Could you share the model please ?

I like to take a look about this issue


Help > Show my key, the info displayed at home is ok ?



try uninstalling and reinstalling the license key again please and keep me informed


ty !

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