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Extruding 'multi-planar' curves?

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Ok, so things will start to get exciting be for me, if this is doable. I guess there are many approaches to this.

I could even just sculpt it by hand, but I much prefer precision, being the science guy I am.


First of all, well, come to think of it, my wish/idea is almost like Lathe/Primitive function/thingie.... but with an additional plane...


Well, I'd like to be able to extrude curves that are not just 2D/flat, but actually GO OUT IN SPACE (wooo), you know, 3D curves..... and then extrude them.... I still haven't explored the extrusion possibilities of 3DC, but Sketchup has some amazing ones, which allows one to extrude curves in numerous ways....


Made a explanatory vid for this:




Thanks for any suggestions guys.... I guess Blender could do this too?

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