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couldn't bake normal map and color on retopo room


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Hi there,


I couldn't find topic what about same problem, so let me ask about this. I sculpted business man model. and tried bake to low poly mesh on retopo room.

but result has grey spots like this.




I thought these grey spots means not enough segment or vertex on these place. so I subdivide some meshes or move vertex to on grey spots, but couldn't remove them.

why these grey spot happen? :(






sculpted mesh:



lowpoly mesh:


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It looks like maybe that's your sculpt mesh poking through the low poly mesh in the paint room? Or are you certain that those artefacts are appearing on the texture itself?


If they are not appearing on the texture, then I think you just need to hide your vox layers. You can do this either by going to the sculpt room and hiding them there, or in the "VoxTree" window from the paint room itself. (If you don't have the window, you'll find it in Windows > Popups > VoxTree

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hi, thank you for reply me.


these are grey artifacts on every textures.(color, normal, specular...)

and I found Layer 0 has grey color in Paint room. if hide that layer, looks like a zombie cloth. :D


this is baked textures:




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I'm sure the above video probably covers this, but when you bake your retopo you have both an inner and an outer cage. Be sure to check both of these. The inner cage shouldn't be seen at any point really, as it needs to be inside, if it pokes through, then you'll get artefacts.

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ohhh... thank you so much!!!!

these greys removed from my suit!


Be sure to check both of these.



before I thought inner value is not affect to result. but both value should adjust.

"Scan Depth Inside the Object" I changed 0.5 to 4.5.




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