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I see a 'Brodie-knob" on the steering wheel. Do you really think you could brodie that beast with four big wheels in back? But this seems to fit, from Wikipedia: " Brodie knobs had limited popularity on trucks and tractors before the advent of power steering. Their main use today is still in trucks, particularly semi trucks where they allow simultaneous steering and operation of the radio or gearshift.

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Thanks for your comments guys!

Almost all modeling done in blender. I would like to have good topology while texturing and don't want to retopologize everything, so polygonal modeling seems the best for me (and for my laptop that isn't that strong). I'll use 3d-coat later for texturing. And I think I'll sculpt a driver.

Here is some reference for inspiration (about broadie-knob - now i know how this thing is called):


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Hi there!

Some progress here/

1. Modeling of the vehicle is finished. Maybe will sculpt some additional decorations, background and driver



2. unfolding UV's took couple of days)). Let's texturing begin!!



3. Shader customization in blender


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