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Female Bust

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Now that I've done a HS workflow, I'm trying to figure out organic modelling. Thought that starting with a face would be a good idea to improve quickly.

Used a reference to help with the modeling of the head.




I think I'm satisfied with the fleshy part for now (might return to it after a bit to give it collar bones, neck muscles and more defined shoulders), though I wish I were able to make it a bit more faithful to the reference I was using. I guess I should be happy it ended up looking like a human in the first place.


I'm now at the hair phase, which turned out to be unexpectedly difficult for me. So far I'm using artman's broad preset along with pinch to create the flow of hair, but it's still a bit limited. Are there any good techniques for sculpting hair that might help me?



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Nice, coming along well. I've used the muscle tool for hair before. I think it was muscle, might have been spikes or something. It's pretty good though, very easy to quickly build up layers and layers of "hair" and then you can go back in afterwards and refine it,

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