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Aliased edges in Render Room


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Hey all,


 So I made a low poly model in the retopo room ( to test out the technique shown in this video

), used Retopo-> Per Pixel (no baking), painted it and looked at it in the render room. As you can see, a pretty cool aliasing occured (alisaing 1)....Same when I exported the object and rendered it in marmoset (aliasing 2)


 Anybody has an explanation? 





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Hi !

At what texture resolution are you working ?

Are you using the last stable version 4.5.37 ?

The model is very small ? Could you share a pic showing the grid ?

Which are your export settings ?

Are you baking AO map too ?

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-I didn't save the file unfortunately so I don't remember exactly but my model was not small, I'd say about 5x6 grid units (squares) 

-I use 3d coat v 4.5.37

-didn't bake AO map

-didn't export the object for the rendering in 3d coat, exported it for marmoset using File->Export Retopo Object

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Out of interest
1,if you select the both the polygonal object's retopo/ mesh group + it's uv group then scale it smaller in the work space does the issue disappear with the render camera?
2, Does the issue vanish if you subdivide the mesh, i.e is it perhaps a face smoothing issue with low polygons?

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