3D-Coat 64-bit Of course V4 beta testing was started long time ago in 4.5 thread. Now we will continue it here.   Google drive mirror Windows [4.7.37]: 3D-Coat 64-bit   macOS [4.7.37]: http://www.3d-coat.com/~sergyi/3D-CoatV4-7-37.dmg Ensure to check "System Preferences > Security & Privacy > click the "lock" > select "App Store and identified developers" (when only "App Store" is selected error message is displayed "3D-Coat" can't be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store) On "Retina" displays uncheck "3D-Coat > Geometry > Incremental Render"   Linux [4.7.37]: http://www.3d-coat.com/~sergyi/3D-CoatV4-7-37.tar.gz How to create shortcut Updated to 4.7 Do NOT use beta builds in production if build is not marked as [STABLE]. Keep backups of scenes, presets and materials. Changes: 26.08.2017 4.7.37 [beta] - Possibility to assign fixed bump to smart material, independent from pen radius and depth. - Fixed different problems in retopo primitives.  - Fixed breaking UV-s in Intrude/Shell (retopo modeling tools) - Fixed a lot of problems relater to material attaching, including crashes, undo, memory leaks, correct resizing of smart material. - If there are too many folders in materials/stencils etc, they will be represented as droplist. - Re-attaching material if you select other material over layer with attachment.  - Correct displacement visualisation in ppp approach. - Correct displacement import, scaling coefficient correctly used. - Warning about missing cache to avoid loosing cached volumes. 07.08.2017 4.7.36 [beta] - Fixed problem of Smart material editor. - Snapping with SHIFT - navigation to 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees. - Pressing CTRL in UV preview window (in UV room) shows selected islands cycled to neighbour UV tiles. - Possibility to store camera position in preset - Gizmo appears even if one point of the transform cage selected 26.07.2017 4.7.35 [beta] - Custom render size restored in render room. - Fill with gradient noise problem fixed - Preventing duplicate split rings. 25.07.2017 4.7.34 [beta] - square alphas complete support, even older ones will act correctly. - possibility to change font size in Preferences->Theme. 4K monitors support. Font will be automatically changed to big size on large resolution. - "File->Import multiple objects" to import multiple objects in diferent ways. - Fixed memory leaks during materuals to layers attaching - Checkbox in Underccuts/bas relief to limit effect below the plane. - Import AO with channel picking - Problem of laggy rotation of symmetry plane in General mode fixed. Picking point 2 is also fixed. - Select all in tweak room - Possibility to switch between 2 modes during navigation - around Y and free rotation. See navigation panel. 15.06.2017 4.7.32 [beta] - square alphas distortions fixed. In some cases alphas require reimporting. Square alphas derived from 3D models supported as well. - fixed different little problems like rotate along motion and stamp. 10.06.2017 4.7.31 [beta] - better support of square alphas. Less clipped at edges. - All tools are correctly compatible with layers attacments. - merge down, apply blending are working correctly with "Replace depth" and materials attaching.   9.06.2017 4.7.30 [beta] - Possibility to change resolution of texture, attached materials will be automatically resmpled. - a lot of problems related to attached materials fixed - correctly updated material ball in layer attachment preview. - square alphas support. - Problems of paste UV fixed. 11.05.2017 4.7.29 [beta] - Copy / Paste / Copy reference / To materials library in RMB menu. - Fixed problem of non-deletable layers - Find Sun button in parameters of additional lights in Render room. - "ReplaceDepth" may be masked by other layer. - Fixed problem of sliders. - Fixed problem of lag in retopo tool - Faster painting over layers with attached materials. - Fill whole layer with material dropped to history. - Support of materials references (instances) - Fixed problem of tiled import and treating materials as UV sets. - Find Sun button in parameters of additional lights in Render room.   5.05.2017 4.7.28 [beta] - fixed many reported issues about smart materials attaching - Fixed UI flickering in curve edit window - Retopo via decimation in RMB menu - Divide blending corrected - Render room flickering fixed - Fill tool controls visible   29.04.2017 4.7.27 [beta] - Important! Possibility to attach materials to layers. - Important! History of materials usage over layer. All materials that was applied to layer are stored in history together with all settings. - Important! Depth blending along stroke. - fixed different problems related to bake scan depth - possibility to render scene directly in Renderman - additional options for masking in Angulator tool. - "Divide" layer blending for the light compensation. - Bigger resolution for Model->Alpha, little tapering to avoid jags. - possibility to bake ligh in light baking tool separately for each object in scene.   10.03.2017 4.7.26 [beta] - Retopo->Bake->Baking scan settings - fixed crash, save/load available, symmetry works. - Fixed problem of slow switching between tools after long time. - Update islands issue resolved too.   8.03.2017 4.7.25 [beta] - Retopo->Bake->Baking scan settings gon very important addition. You may paint baking depth with brush. - Autopo problem fixed - if no mesh generated, hidden retopo mesh will not be corrupted. 8.02.2017 4.7.24 [stable] - Textures->Calculate curvature got important update. Now you may mix loacl curvature (usual) and long-range smoothed curvature (sampling based). It allows to get much better quality for Smart Materials usage because many things depend on cavity quality. - Transform tool in paint room got "Scale around center" option. - Connector with PS works correctly with layers folders. - Tweak room's selection now visible (there was longstanding problem). 25.1.2017 4.7.23 [stable] - Pose gizmo: undo returns gizmo to correct place, nunerical input works correctly. - Import for ppp rare hang problem fixed. 23.1.2017 4.7.22 - Import tiles as UV sets fixed problem with negative tiles - Warning about incorrest scene scale. - Polished, improved retopo primitives - curve / line drawing problems corrected. 9.1.2017 4.7.20 - Line tool fixed (Line in E-panel) 28.12.2016 4.7.19 - fixed problems related to "Lines/curve chunk" drawing mode in E panel (line was invisible). - Critical fix. Correct curves correction in export dialog. - Possibility to drag sphere primitive by connector line (like cube and transform gizmo). 22.12.2016 4.7.18 - fixed several instabilities, including crash when switching from paint to render room that happens in 4.7.17 - Retopo primitives polished, new primitives included. UI in primitives polished. - Free form primitives from RtpModels palette working correctly in Retopo room. - Transform gizmo may be moved using not only arrows, but connector lines as well. - Fixed smooth over seams problem in multi-UV scene. 5.12.2016 4.7.17 - Proxy slider. Windows->Proxy slider allows to change proxy density  on the fly. - Correct inverted mask preview in cube/cylinder/etc mapping modes. - Edit in external editor padding problems fixed - PSD edit in PS padding width increased in correspondence with settings - A lot of new shaders for concept disign (not for baking). - Fixed buggy merely visible glow around the stroke with gloss/metallness - Instant Light preset included 20.11.2016 4.7.16 - Spline points are in 3D in almost all cases (except manual detouching). It means you may rotate curve in 3D even if points are outside the model. - Export Depth along Y problem fixed, now sader baked more correctly, transform of object correctly treated for shader baking, painted color correctly blended with shader. - Borderline for VoxExtrude etc visible again - right align of read-only numerical controls - A lot of polishing in retopo primitives   11.11.2016 4.7.14 - Export Depth along Y correcly exports PBR compatible result. Shader will be baked to the textures as well. - Fixed crash in primitives tool - Possibility to overwrite depth of current layer over bottom ones, see layers options - see Replace depth and Layer height - Gizmo in Bas-relief visible again   3.11.2016 4.7.13 - Video hints! The example The list of controls covered by video hints will be updated automatically online. - Retopo cube primitive has correct topology, without zero-sized bevel. - Correct freeze with conditions  - Correct icons for retopo primitives 1.11.2016 4.7.12 - New primitives in retopo room - cylinder, torus, cube, ellipse, spiral. - Layer picker fixed (does not pick invisible, AO, normalmap layers) - Numerical values in gizmos are moving ojects as well (for pose/transform). It was broken in 4.7.11 - Draw spline stroke in a single pass, each next stroke in strokes bunch uses initial normals and surface placement. - Whole spline movements works correctly with 2d/3d snapping. - more safe fbx export for non-english user name 29.09.2016 4.7.11 [beta] - Primitives for retopo room. This is rather template than complete toolset. Only one primitive present there, list will be essentially extended in next update. - Coat tool. This is non-destructive and precise version of VoxLayer. This is important step, it opens family of nondestructive tools in 3D-Coat. - Imput decreased (the time between human's action and visual feedback on the screen). - Enable VoXRay in surface tools, Backface culling will be turned off in VoXRay tool. - Correct normals sampling usage in Live Clay based tools. -  Fixed crash related to extrusion using "Initial vertex normals". - Everywhere in primitives edit boxes replaced with sliders. - Better quality for 3D lasso selection - Undo for renaming layer - a lot if small stability fixes.   30.08.2016 4.7.10 (stable) - Unify UV command to drop all faces to the current UV set - "Editt points" in Lathe tool shows coordinates in more logical way. - Correct stencil mapping and preview, there was problems with object scale and preview - Warning shown if texture in smart material missing - Correct preview for stencil/materials in navigation mode for cylinder/sphere mapping. - Correct UnhideAll command in UV/retopo room (was not working in Mark Seams mode) - Cone primitive got "USe sector" option compatible with bevel.  - correct Ptex export with LWO files using Export menu. - Seed value for smart material noise   17.08.2016 4.7.09(stable) - Stencil painting with lasso corresponds to preview
- Extrusion with 3D Spline supports stencils and works in voxel mode as well
- "Retopo->Apply symmetry to current layer" really applies symmetry to current retopo group only
- Export normalmaps without gamma correction (even if specified in export constructor) to avoid confusion with normalmaps rendering
- Click to place issue solved  15.08.2016 4.7.08 (stable) - Top/bottom/left/right views adopted to industry standard. - Extrude with 3D lasso (choose 3D lasso in any brush in surface mode). Edge shape follows brush shape.  - Better visibility of selected retopo faces. - Reference images quick access. - Added "Click To Place" actions to all new primitives. - Better look of wireframe for Ptex "Increase resolution" tool. - Correct export with Export constructor with MV/Ptex approach.   1.08.2016 4.7.07 (stable) - Still image gizmo got pivot/rotation controls. - Stencils/materials gizmo got possibility to move rotation/scale pivot. RMB over material navigation gizmo will reset corresponding position/scale/rotation. - Fixed crash in unwrap (zero squared triangles) - Possibility to assign hotkeys to rooms switching. - Disable auto-deleting point in retopo on almost straight line. - Save/Load camera stores camera/stencil/material correctly. - Correct preview of smart material's textures when you are navigating with material navigation buttons. - Freeze/pose bugs related to undo + brushing fixed. -  Fixed snapping of invisible vertices problem when mesh imported in retopo room. - Retopo->Bake->Bake normalmaps with dithering option for better noralmap baking. - Added the NGon primitive with outsider fillet. - Disable "Vertical sync" in OpenGL to avoid FPS dropdown for OpenGL builds. - Edit "Colors" in retopo updates colors over mesh immediately after choosing color, not afetr OK pressed.   4.07.2016 4.7.05 (beta, close to stable) - completely transparent pixels on exported color textures will be black instead of grey. 4.07.2016 4.7.04 (beta) - Antialiasing tuned to work correctly for text, rectangular fill. - Share item/folder works correctly for smart materials - sliders adjustment tweaked to be more convenient - Retopo->Select path works correctly - shaders/panoramas/export presets adjusted for better correspondence with standarts - upload to Sketchfab corrected. Pay attention that if after upload you are getting "Upload screenshot" instead of model - click "Change API key" in upload dialog and re-enter the key.   28.06.2016 4.7.03 [beta] - Mouse wheel may be used to switch droplists items and to adjust sliders. - Undo in primitives when sliders used to adjust values - set of crashes fixed - selecting of faces from other uv sets fixed   18.06.2016 4.7.01 [beta] - fixed crash 18.06.2016 4.7.00 [beta]   - Migration master adopted for 4.5->4.7 transition. - Folders for Shaders! You may organize shaders in more convenient way! - Large amount of presets for rendering in different applications and offline renders. - Measure tool allows to measure angles between lines. - Sliders in almost all primitive numerical controls. - Draw on plane supported in clone/split/cut & clone. - Fixed problem related to "On palne" mode in Sculpt room - depth of drawing was shown not exactly. - Retopo->Clone will clone faces ino new retopo group - Older bas-relief functionality restored - Bas-relief squashing coefficient works as expected + density control. - Numerical input in "Import" tool. - Clicking on faces from different UV set will select current UV set in retopo/uv room. - Other UV sets are shown in retopo room as well, you may operate over vertices/faces not only in current set/group but in other sets/grups as well. - Symmetry options panel got "Pick from bound Box" button - "Pick symmetry center from the bound box of the current object. Axis directions will remain unchanged."