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Lighting settings between projects

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This has been kinda bugging me lately. 3D Coat doesn't seem to save lighting angle, brightness or chosen environment map settings for each project individually. I've been working on three different sculpts this weekend and it's pain going back to re-render an earlier project just to find the lighting settings changed. Let's be honest, 3D Coat's rendering isn't the greatest. It needs a lot of fine tuning of those few settings to get things to look good. I worked on a rather dark character today, then went back to a brighter character and wondered how washed our everything looked until I realized that the ambient light amount, overall brightness etc. were still the same as my last project's.

Can a brother agree with me? Or am I just missing some obvious tickbox that'll fix this issue?

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The script doesn't work in 4.5.BETA13 and later versions. I need to find some time to update it.

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