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How to select all objects in the tweak room?

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I need to scale down my model dramatically, and I have a ton of stray objects.  Additionally some objects are inside of other objects, making them extremely difficult to select.  

Is there a way to "select all" in the tweak room, and if not, would it be possible to export an OBJ, scale it down in another program, and somehow reimport all of the textures?



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Thanks, Carlo!

The rectangle tool didn't work at all for me.  I would drag it around the model but it would do nothing.  The square tool would select geometry, but wouldn't select things that weren't visible to the camera.  

However the Replace Geometry thing is an awesome suggestion that I didn't know even existed.  Thanks!  I ended up exporting everything into Maya and performing my transformations there.  

Have a nice day!

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You welcome, may be there is a bug with the rectangle selection.

Can you please make a test ?

Select model parts first using a brush, change to rectangle, pick outside the object and then drag and drop over the object using the rectangle.

Only the objects selected first with the brush, can be selected later by the rectangle.

Your confirmation will be very helpfull

ty !

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