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Multiple machine licensing?+: location of dox?


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1)  Is it correct that I can use 3DCoat on multiple machines, just not simultaneously?  My (pitiful) laptop, which used to grudgingly run it, seems not to want to anymore, although my home system works fine.

2)  Mostly I'd just like to have the HELP on the laptop so I can study the dox -- I don't really relish trying to use such a hardcore app on this wimpy machine.  Is there a file (pdf?) that I can simply copy to my laptop to reference?


Thanks all!

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As long as you aren't running the program on both computers simultaneously, 3D-Coat has no issues with you installing it on up to three different machines. If you happen to have it running on both machines at the same time, 3D-Coat will warn you about it, and eventually restrict your usage.

Basically, make sure the program is closed on the other machine before opening it on your current one.

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