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Hey guys,
Here's my Steampunk inspired vehicle, I modeled everything using 3D Coat's Sculpt Room.

Once the model was finished it was around 6-8 million poly.  So I retopologized it in 3D Coat and managed to get it to about 39K poly and was really impressed.

After which I textured it using the Paint Room and smart materials and rendered within the Render Room.

Everything was done within 3D Coat.


I'd wanted to try connecting a mix between a go-cart style unibody and a one wheeled motorcycle. 

Thanks for checking it out.

Steampunk Vehicle_Render_01.JPG

Steampunk Vehicle_Render_02.JPG

Steampunk Vehicle_Render_03.JPG

Steampunk Vehicle_Render_04.JPG

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