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I am switching over our pipeline to 3d coat to manage all of our assets. I am about to purchase 2 more licenses of 3d-coat but I am having a difficult time understanding how scale works between multiple 3d aplications.  The Manual and the Wiki do not explain in detail how this works and the community at large seems to be confused based on the amount of scale questions. 

I did a test where I exported a 2meter cube from Maya and From Unity.  When I import them into 3d coat I test the scale using the measurement tool (Set to meters) I notice that they are well over 2 meters big.  When I export the cubes from 3dcoat and import them into Unity they are huge.   I get the opposite effect in Maya where they are tiny.  I have exported them manually and with the Applink and get the same result.  I have set my scenes to meters before importing any of the assets into 3d coat and the only options I can find that is supposed to support scaling is Edit Scene Scale and Define Measurement.  I also get a message asking if I would like to keep the initial scale but warns that this is additive to the initial scale.  So if my initial scale is set to meters before I import an object from an external package and I keep initial scale what exactly is going on.    Am I missing something obvious?

1 - Could someone please explain to me what exactly Edit scene scale and Define Measurement units are really doing? 

2- Can we have an updated explanation of how 3d coat handles scale and maybe like a best practices for working with common 3d application and more specifically Unity?   

3- What exactly is Voxel per unit doing? 

Also It would be nice to have default scaling setups that work best with Unity or Maya ect......













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