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Am curious to get some feed back on how to begin sculpting this type of rock wall. This scene is from the Warcraft movie. Ive tried a number of different ways to sculpt these and I just cant seem to come close to it.  Ive tried starting with single primitives, trying to get the column shapes, or starting with a cube primitive trying to sculp each individual vertical rock (column) from a single cube. I m sending a pic of a single rock obj that I sculpted, but how to put them together? Even tried alphas. Didnt come out like I wanted it to. does it look to be a pretty good start?




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I have also struggled with rock creation a lot (currently I am trying to sculpt some rocks again).

The only way to get more or less good rock-like objects in 3D Coat seems to be the surface tools. Make sure you only use the Voxel tools for the coarse shape, and then switch to Surface mode.

The Chisel, Flatten and Pinch tools seem to be the most useful of the bunch to me. Use Flatten to get those angular faces, the chisel to carve in irregularities and a more rock like appeareance, and pinch to deepen ridges and add crevices. Don't try to go crazy on the detail texture yet, this is better done during painting with the fill tool (that can 3D map a height texture to your mesh).

Don't forget that the Surface tools are working AFAIK on a mesh generated from the Voxels, so if you displace your surface too much, you might need to recalculate the mesh. I usually just return to Voxels and then back to Surface mode, don't know if there is a better way.


Generally I found that even with that I was not 100% happy with the Result. I get better results from ZBrush, where there are some Brushes that are just better for rock creation than even 3DC Surface tools. And with Dynamesh, Having to work on a mesh is not that much of a bother.

Of course, there are a ton of things where 3DC is still miles ahead of ZBrush (its not a real 3D Application after all), and ZBrush is double the price of 3DC, I really wish Andrew would have a look at some of the ZBrush Brushes and try to improve the 3DCoat Brushes so they would give the same results. I really like 3DC more than ZBrush.

If you already have ZBrush, or can spare 800$ ;), the "Trim Adaptive", "Trim Dynamic" and "Slash-3" Brushes in ZBrush are what I mainly use ATM to create my rocks. I then export to obj, import to 3DC Voxels, clean up (getting clean cuts/crevices seems to be easier in 3DC Voxels vs ZBrush Dynameshes), retopo (using Autopo and then manual modification), merge to paint room, and there add some color and normal noise to give some detailed texture.


Then I open up the normal map in Crazybump to create Additional AO, Height and Specular maps, and kitbash all those maps to the final textures in Photoshop (for example mixing some curvature to the diffuse map)... works quite fine for me. Now I am working on getting the rock shapes right.


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