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do selection modifiers exist?

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Hi all - 

I loathe to ask questions on forums when they seem obvious, but I've looked through the manual, watched about two hours of tutorials, scoured the internet, and have used 3d coat for about 20 hours now with no answer. Either it cannot be done or I am searching inefficiently.

Is there a way to add or remove from a selection / mask / brush? For example, if i'm in the paint room with the poly remove brush selected and select my area, but need to remove some of the area chosen. i use a wacom tablet and often enough grab a little too much or a little too little. as i know of, my options are: clear selection or, perhaps, grow or expand area. 




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Hi !

To remove from a selection press Ctrl

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I distinctly recall adding it to the manual, but honestly it's been so long it could be something I overlooked to add. I've done a few version of it now, so I'm probably incorrectly remembering. I'll be sure to add a page with this info if it doesn't exist already (sounds like it doesn't!). Apologies for the confusion. :unsure:

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