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I have a question about multiple UV sets. I am creating DOTA 2 sets and just moved to 3d coat. For Dota items every single item needs to have seperate uv and textures. I sculpted all items like head, neck etc. Retopo was sooooo easy in 3d coat but I struggle with uv unwrap. It seems I have only one UV set and I don't know how to create diffrent UV for every item. I have every item on diffrent layer.

Some help for newbie will be nice.



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Pilgway has recently added a couple of videos to their Youtube Channel, showing the use of the UV Tile Support features in 3D Coat as well as 3D Coat’s ability to see and use multiple UV Sets.

The workflow for Multiple UV sets in 3dCoat is a little different than what you may be used to in other applications with 3DCoat using the ideology of a singular texture space in the UV Room.



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