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Jumper S56921 (jumping spider mech)

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I first saw this competition soon after it started, and I messed around with an idea for it, but my skills were not up to the job, so I forget about it and went to another 3D Coat project. Then 3 days ago I started work on a jumping spider idea which i'd got from photographing such a cute spider in my garden, and today I saw this competition was still running - SO i've pucked up the courage to enter.

I am a JmpingSpide6.jpg

JumpingSpider long pale1.jpg

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My steampunk jumper was quite advanced  but here are some shots of body parts.The Abdomen and Head I shaped mainly with cut-offs from ovoid primitives. 

The great thing about the jumping spider is those large very reflective eyes. This shader I made in the scuplt room, is a rough approximation of what the main eyes will be like.



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So This is where I was up to when I entered to competition - Still in Voxel Sculpt room, basic textures and all the body parts present with some pipe and grid detailing. 

I had already named the spider  Jumper S56921 - (Part of a fleet of spider jumpers, of course!). Now I need to add a "cockpit"for a driver / controller to make this fellow into a vehicle. And then add more interesting steampunk aspects and proper texturing etc...

I still have to master the use of layers and reducing resolution of the bits so the available memory does not run out, and getting things onto the paint room - -- so plenty of learning still for me to be able to improve and complete this project. The competition is a great challenge to spur our development - Thanks.


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