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[Solved] How to project texture ?


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Hello community.
I am just tired of searching how to simply project a coloured texture to a mesh.
I am trying to use a smart material with a usual brush but it is horrible and inconvinient. I cant control stencil with a hotkeys like i do in mari or mudbox. 
Please help me, i am so close to just delete this soft and do some suicide

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Use this technique to find what you are looking for on the 3D Coat Youtube Channel (or any other Youtube Channel for that matter)


Applying decals or images...located in the Paint Tools playlist, where one would expect to find it.:


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Also, Andrew designed the 2D Gizmo to be the best way to manipulate your Stencil or Smart Material overlay

Also, Andrew added an option in EDIT menu > PREFERENCES > VIEWPORT tab > check ALLOW MATERIAL NAVIGATION VIA RMB dragging in viewport, to enable hotkeys to manipulate the stencil or material overlay, in the viewport. By default it is disabled because some like it and many do not. It interferes with some navigation hotkeys, so that is why it is turned off, by default.

With it enabled, here are the hotkey commands -Functions:

RMB (outside the model) = PAN


RMB + SHIFT = ZOOM146871885132.jpg

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