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Copy/paste between program instances

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No.  But you can transfer through import/export.


If your object is painted:

  • Go to paint tab.  
  • File -> Export objects and textures
  • Now go to your target 3D Coat File in the paint room
  • File -> Import object
  • Select the obj, get it imported with proper settings
  • Now you need to import each texture individually.  Make sure you create a name for the new UV set as well

Note: you can apparently import 3B files directly using the import object button, but I've found this method to be unreliable, especially for painted objects.  

If you're sculpting, just import/export OBJs as you normally would.

If you're in the retopo room, you can use the File->Export Retopo mesh option, and you can also import a retopo mesh.  

Sorry if this was confusing.   

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Thank you, but I'm looking for true copy/paste functionality.  Play with Blender - it has this, and is very useful.  (I haven't tested colored items, but suspect it will work based on the fact that all my other copy/paste attempts completed correctly.)

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