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Light giver's flying garden

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Hi, I'm new to 3d coat. :) 

I wanted to learn 3d programs but I haven't got a chance to actually start one, then I saw this challenge and I thought it's a great start!


So, here is my idea. I want to build a light giver's flying garden. The vehicle has bird like head and whale's tail. 

On its back, the Giver has a giant tree that grows organic light bulbs that he harvests when they are fully grown.

Then he would give the lights for those of who need them. :)


good luck for me and for everyone! 

0_sketch 1.jpg

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7 hours ago, ostapblender said:

Wow, that's so sweet! Did you upload it to the SketchFab?

No I haven't! I didn't know what it was haha

Maybe I should :) it'll be nice to see the model from every angle.


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