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My objects disappear when I replace the geometry for one object


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Hello, I have been having trouble with objects disappearing when I replace a mesh. I've changed the geometry tiny bit on the eye of the dragon, but everything else on the body is exactly the same. The problem arises when I import the new geometry (file>import>replace geometry). The painted layers for the body along with other body parts layers are still there, but my objects besides the body of the dragon disappears from my surface material pop up. The paint layers are still there but the objects and their respective tabs disappear from the surface material. Is there a way to not lose all of these objects and its tabs? My other question would be, how do I add them back?

Attached are examples:

first image is before I replace the geometry and the second one is after replacing it



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2022 update ( using Textura ) if anyone is confused like me and gets here from Google:

" File > Import > Import to Replace Geometry Only " still doesn't do what's expected. You'd think it would replace the one object in a scene, but like OP's 2015 post, it makes everything else disappear.

What you actually have to do is delete the object from the Paint Objects menu: press the X. (Export its textures too, because any paint on the layers for that object won't show up anymore; it didn't for me. It's good to back up textures anyway; 3DCoat tends to bug out.)

Then go File > Import > Model for Per Pixel Painting. That actually keeps everything else in the .3b scene the same. Now you just have to re-import textures for the replaced object.

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