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Shortcuts for stencil transform?


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Smart Material & Stencil Popup

Brush Components - MatStencil Popup

When activating one of the Materials or Stencils, or both simultaneously, you’ll have a new panel on screen. This panel contains all of the editable functions for both Smart Materials and Stencils. Let’s look at those now.


Reveals/hides more options for controlling the Smart Materials or Stencil. Allows you to perform various color, light, etc. adjustments to the Smart Materials or Stencil.


Toggles tiling of the Material or Stencil on/off.


Toggles the visibility of the Smart Materials or Stencil.


Locks/unlocks the editable functions of the Smart Materials or Stencil.


Resets all editable parameters to their default state.


Flips the X or Y axes of the Smart Materials or Stencil.

Projection Type

Change between different projection types. You can use a project from the camera, cube mapping, cylindrical mapping and spherical mapping. Each mapping type also has their own options.


You can change what mode you’re in for the Material or Stencil. These modes are:

  • Paint: Paints through, using either Material, Stencils, or both.
  • Distort Image: Distorts the image of the Smart Materials, Stencil or both, using a brush based move tool.
  • Clear/Save/Load Distortion: Performs the action selected with any distortions you have made to the Material or Stencil.
  • Paint Over Image: Allows you to use 3D-Coats painting tools on the Smart Materials or Stencil.

Transform Gizmo

Brush Components - Transform Gizmo


Allows you to transform the Smart Materials or Stencil, by moving, rotating and scaling. You can also squash/stretch.

There is also a more visual Transform Gizmo that works directly in the 3D  Viewport. When activating either a Material or  Stencil (and the 2D Grid), a yellow circle appears in the center of the Smart Materials or Stencil. RMB Clicking the yellow circle will bring up more control icons for the Transform gizmo. You can move, rotate and scale directly from this gizmo in a more intuitive way, and also align the center of your gizmo for more advanced painting and sculpting techniques.

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It would be nice if we could set hotkeys for it, I really like the way mudbox does this - In mudbox you simply hold a keydown wile using LMB, RMB, MMB to move, scale and rotate. It seems the most intuitive way, because similar key combinations are used in the viewport (alt + RMB, LMB, MMB to zoom, pan, and rotate)

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 4.7.07 (stable)

- Still image gizmo got pivot/rotation controls.

- Stencils/materials gizmo got possibility to move rotation/scale pivot. RMB over material navigation gizmo will reset corresponding position/scale/rotation.


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