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Here are a number of mine...some Modo-themed.

Others, Lightwave (10-11) themed. 3D Coat's early origins came largely from the sudden flow of support from the Newtek community.

Larry Shultz mentioned the app., which not a single person had ever heard of...and a number of guys from that community gave it a try (as wonky as the UI was, then), and it kind went viral from there.

So, that's why much of the layout is/was LW-centric.




I love Modo's UI, and currently have my 3DC scheme set to a Modo-like arrangement. You can take this one and in EDIT > PREFERENCES > THEME tab, tweak it further, if you like.




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31 minutes ago, Aasmund said:

I think I nailed it pretty well:

Maya 2017 theme for 3DCoat






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