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exporting 3dcoat textures and VrayForMaya


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Hi Im newbie on 3dcoat and trying to learn 3dcoat.
is there someone that really know how to export correct settings of textures for vray for maya ?

fbx exported within 3dcoat wont importing in maya2016 correctly. also I tried to generate my own shading-network in maya. but result is very bad.

do you have a practical video shows how to export correctly for vray4maya and how to setup a shader and link texture nodes in maya ?
it is really confusing what does it mean "texture export/import workflow" (gloss metallness, gloss specular color.. etc.) do you see a good video tutorial that teaches it ?
thank you


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On 5/31/2016 at 9:49 PM, AbnRanger said:

In general, when exporting to 3D Render engines....not game engines....you will want to try this typical setup. Doesn't matter if it is Max, Maya, C4D, Lightwave, etc....or which 3rd party render.

Base Material for Render engine (each one has a default material):

Color Map = Diffuse/Color channel

Glossiness Map = Reflection Glossiness Channel

Specular Color Map = Reflection Color Channel


And then, of course, your Normal Map/Displacement map goes into the same channels as any other. Metalness is not usually needed, but you could could use if you have a multi-layered/Composite Material, where you could for example put a paint shader on one layer and metal shader on another. When exporting from 3D Coat there is an option to export metalness alpha, to use for masking purposes.



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