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Stephan Koppel

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I am new to 3d Coat and I am not really excited that there is no support of ora, only psd, which is not convinient for me, because I would like to use MyPayin as my external painting program. Also Krita have not really stable psd support as long as gimp.

Is there any plans to cover "non photoshop users"?


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Hi !

The problem is how every program interprets the blending mode when we works using

Edit> Edit all layers in external editor.

Gimp -2.8.18- import layer as standard blend.

Krita3 on the other side, import the layers ok -as psd extension-

Mypaint -1.2- only export ora files.

I can ask developers about your issue but sadly in meantime, you need to export from Mypaint to Krita and export later as psd to have interaction with 3DC.



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