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[Solved] "relative" model rotation ?

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I plan and already did import many human models into 3D-coat.

The problem I am experiencing is that the main body axis always lies in the plane of the grid.

So, if I look at its front I am directly looking into the lights which is very irritating. I cannot move them out of the way at all so they wouldn't disturb me.

If I rotate the model the global coordinates rotate along and I cannot change the relative position of the model.

Is there any solution to that?

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Depending on your needs, you might want to try any of the following solutions:
a) Use this icon to rotate the environment light:

b ) Lock the environment light to viewport camera with Camera->Background->Lock Environment
c) Double-click the contrast icon (the first icon on the left from the image above). This will increase contrast to 100% and lock the environment light. Double-clicking the icon again will reset it to 0% contrast and unlocked environment.
d) Use a MatCap material, which is completely independent of environment light. This is my preferred solution.

And if it's just the background that bothers you, disable it by selecting Camera->Background->Vertical Gradient. You can choose gradient colors in Edit->Preferences->Theme->Top/Bottom Background Color.


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