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[Solved] Issue with Sculpting Shaders/Materials

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Let me begin by saying that I do have decades of experience 3D modeling/rendering and even development related to such for games, etc....

I love the app for the most part and certainly much easier to use than the competitors.  The visual quality of the objects during sculpting just.....bother me.   I'm certain I probably just haven't figured out the 'trick' yet but the ease of seeing the form never seems as clear as in even an app like Sculptris.

Not a fan of the 'depth' element of the shaders. Even though I do understand the nature of AO, it just....makes the surface more confusing (again likely not using it right).   I've tried creating more shaders and downloading what I could find online.   I assure you that I've also attempted to search for the solution many times but nothing that seemed to answer it.

Are all the shaders dependent on environment maps?   I know there is the option for a MatCap shader but that's camera projection and wish I could actually define the shader from a reflection sphere as is in other apps.

Essentially, I'd just love a simple clearly visible grey clay sort of thing as is default in most sculpting apps.

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Have a look in your shaders , see if there is a "picmap" shader. You can edit it and select one of those sphere image maps ....I actually use the grey default one from Sculptris...

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On 8/7/2016 at 10:32 PM, RabenWulf said:

Here are the steps to get something even better than the old 4.5 ones.

First, get a solid matcap pack, or any image used for matcaps. I recommend downloading many of the freely available ones on the net. For example I like to use these: http://www.9bstudios.com/9bstudios/communicate/Entries/2012/5/13_9b_studios_mCap_Library_Released.html
(Scroll to the bottom of the page for download link. You should get a zip file, inside you will find some folders and modo files. You only want the one titled: "MCap_Images". Save it somewhere and then follow these steps.)

In 3D Coat:
1. Look for a shader called MatCap_RedWax, its the first reddish looking one that comes with 3D Coat (post pbr shader implementation).
2. Right click on it and construct new shader. Name it whatever, Usually I go with MatCap_01..ect
3. It will then give you the option to load an image. This is where you grab one of the matcap images you just downloaded. Based on the image you select, the different kind of "shader" look you will get.
Try 9b_MC_053.png  from that pack above, its pretty good. There are a lot of good matcaps out there, you just have to find them. You can even screen cap some of the zbrush ones and save them as .png files for use in 3D Coat.

This is how you can get the old shader look, and even get some better matcaps in the process.


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