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alan f

Retopo: Move tool and subobject selection

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I'm currently using the Move tool in Retopo room and every time I move a vert,edge, or face it seems to move it in screen-space which becoming annoying. It moves within or too far outside of my Reference mesh. I have to keep on moving the camera around the selection to get it where I have to move. I've tried with Auto Snap with all three options but that only works sometimes. Is there a way to lock the movement to an axis like x,y, or z within the Move tool?

I've also tried using the Select tool but that seems to be slow in selection. If I select a couple of edges then use the Transform tool to move in an axis, but then want to add more edges or remove edges from my selection I have to hit Esc key to return to Select and then hit Tranform to continue moving. Seems like if even that process was seamless that it would go much faster.

For example, just combining the ability to select subobjects and use the Transform tool or

with the Move tool holding shift,ctrl-shift,alt-shift to lock the movement of the subobjects to an axis.



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No its not. It usually happens when I'm trying to move verts above or to the surface of the reference mesh but instead the vert/edge decides to go under the reference mesh.

I have to then hide my reference mesh and pull out the vert/edge like that. Sometimes Auto Snap helps in that respect but not all the time.

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