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Create texture atlas

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Hello guys! 

I am really happy to use 3d coat and this is my favorite program for texturing, retoping and UVs, BUT

For the competition i need texture atlas and i totally can't understand how to do it. I use UV room a lot, but still not very good in some functions of 3d coat. 

What i want - for example: i have 4 512 textures. All models have their own UV and they textured in Metallic PBR + AO. (3-5 textures for each one asset). Question - how to create 1 1024 texture for that models? I know only long way - create 1024 texture in Photoshop, past 4 textures and place UV's by hands with 0.5 scale. But I am sure that this is stupid action and there are ways which will be better and faster in 3d coat. Or may be there are another ways . Please, if it possible, link any video or write step by step. 

I will really appreciate help, thx  

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Thx for that. as i see, this is close for what i need. 

Mb you will help me about UDIMS? Is it possible to do same thing - place 4 textures in 4 UDIMS? 


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Hi !

3D-Coat does not directly support UVs outside of the base 1001 tile, so everything gets unwrapped inside this base tile. 

The first time you have unwrapped your model inside retopo room all of your UV-sets are inside 1001.

Set as many UV-sets as Udim you need, name it 1001, 1002, 1003, etc and place retopogroups in appropriate UV-sets.

Once your objects land in the paint room, you'll find your multiple UV-sets there, as well as multiple surface materials. At this point all of the UV-sets are on separate 1001 tiles (for each material), but don't worry. Once you're done with texturing, and choose to Export Model and Textures, you'll be presented with an export window where you will be able to select the Export UV Sets as Tiles. By enabling this flag all of your UV-sets will be put into separate UDIM tiles.



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