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Painting photogrammetry model

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hi all,

I'm totally new to the program 3D-Coat, although more than 20 years I routinely using professional 3D programs, like Form-Z, Cinema 4D, and others.
SInce a year ago I’m developing the technique of photogrammetry, especially in the field of cultural heritage.
(look some models here: https://sketchfab.com/calidos/models)
I currently have the project done on virtual simulations of medieval polychrome stone. I tried the program C4D Body Paint (Maxon) and the possibilities of Z-Brush, but when I see the possibilities of 3D-Coat I was done and I quickly acquired a license.
But now I've gone into developing the actual simple project I am totally lost. Although I have tried dozens of tutorials on the web truth is that when I go to work, even with simple things, I lose at once, and I have to start again. Things as simple as importing a model and rotate it and import the original texture, become a nightmare.
Obviously my guilt for my initial low level, but never would have thought that a program so difficult to enter.
Finally, let the concrete steps if someone can give me a helping hand.

What I get is the following:
1. I have created a model with Photoscan (1 million polygons and 4K texture). The model is not a solid, it is a complex surface. (See pictures)
2. I exported the model from Photoscan to OBJ + MTL + JPEG. It size 72MB.
3. I would like to import the model with texture in 3D-Coat, turn it in position accurately and repair some holes and gaps.
4. then I would like paint the model in different layers with flat colors and some gold parts.
5. finally export everything to C4D to animate results.

I understand that the program allows extraordinary things, and my aim should be incredibly easy. Belive or not I spent a month trying to do this and I’m totally frustrated.
Many thanks forward for your understanding and help.



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Hi Josep. I do a little photogrammetry too. You may have seen my tutorials on YouTube. I usually touch up the textures and model in 3DC so maybe I can help. Unfortunately for this 3DC uses vertex coloring so that means you have to have the vertex count very high in order to retain texture detail. To start I go into the Sculpt room and pick the Import tool from the left side. In the tool options I check the box for "import W/o Voxelization", otherwise you won't get the color. The pick Select mesh from that panel. and press the Enter key or Apply on that panel. If you switch to another tool you should see your model in full color.

if you switch to the paint room you can fully paint on it with layers. To export you will want to Retopo it, mark seams for the UV map, then Unwrap. Finally from the Bake menu choose "Bake with Normal Map". You can now hide the original model and in the Paint room you'll see the low res one you made. To export you can go to File  > Export Objects & Textures.

As an alternate method you could choose to retopo / UV first, then bake and paint on the UV map instead of vertexes.  I hope that was clear enough.

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Firt steps in right direction, but lost again.

1. import mesh for voxelization OK

2. Select mesh and Aply: apears model in color but not right stone texture from photogrammetry

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-21 a les 2.46.47.png

3. going to Paint section and paint model OK, but not in a new layer

Thanks again!

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Yes Phil! You are right... the texture was not in same folder.

The issue has not been easy to solve. The export model from Photoscan create a model of a very small scale, the center shifted and turned axes. So I have been unable to scale, and recenter the model in 3DC. I find the program very little intuitive honestly. To solve this I imported the model there in C4D and in few minutes I've scaled, rotated and recenter the model, and exported back to OBJ, but the matter is that the 3DC the X was fliped, I had to rebuild again the subject with C4D then normals tours... So has been a little nightmare .... something so simple ... I think finally managed to have a scale model correctly and with good texture, ready to paint in 3DC.
Just I've a small doubt because at first glance it seems that the resolution of the mesh is not as accurate as the other programs I have used. You can see attached some comparative screenshots.
I appreciate your advice again is clear and my ignorance in the use of the program hope to improve with time.

Many thanks!



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