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Forester WIP

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Hello everyone! This is my new W.I.P. character which I make in my spare time.










This is Forester Frank. He live in fantasy forest with two light fairies - blue and orange. Dui - orange fairy and Muka - blue fairy.

Everyday Frank collects grass to his big bag and with his sickle he catch some small fantasy trees.

Frank totem protects him against evil.

In one bottle as you can this on his pants - he have magic water which he use for catch trees.

In other bottles he have different potions which fairy drink.

As you can see one hand and beard is infected. 
I called this infection - filth. it consists of lava and slime. In textured version I will show this better.

As you can see infection goes to belly, but totem don't give it a go on.

When I will finish this work - I will upload full video process of sculpting. 

I sculpted him in 3DCoat 
Rendered in Zbrush 
And make some postwork in Photoshop. 
Hope you liked it! Enjoy! 
And please don't forget like it.

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Looks good, I like it. I often see people saying that you can't get a polished high detail look in 3d coat sculpting but I just haven't found that to be true and I have also used zbrush. I can see some nice high detail on your model too.

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you just have to give him a gold tooth  to offset him    A little eye candy for the ladys . I like the overall eye less look . the chains look to new but overall great sculpt.:rofl:

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