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Deforming/manipulating mesh in Retopo room


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I apologize at the beginning because the question maybe too silly...

After importing scans of persons into Retopo Room to create some cutting patterns I have sometimes bad scan areas,

for example a fillet in the crotch (where I didnt collect data with the scanner).

If I want to remove/smooth that fillet in Retopo whats the best way to do it?

If I manipulate in Paint Room, the mesh stays the same, only the underlying body is modified...

but I only need the mesh for my purpose.

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I'd import the scanned data directly to Sculpt Room, as a surface (with Import w/o Voxelization flag enabled), and then try to fix the missing geometry by using either the Geometry->Close Holes command or Fill Holes tool. Then I'd massage and tweak the recreated surface until it's smooth and seamless.

And only after those actions are complete, I'd begin retopologizing the high poly mesh in the Retopo Room.

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