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How can I sculpt accross multiple meshes?


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38 minutes ago, worldcrafter said:

I am sculpting a very large model, so I have split it up into segments/separate objects. Does anyone know of a method/software to seamlessly sculpt accross multiple meshes?

There is a way to do it in 3D-Coat.

Convert all of the VoxTree volumes, that you want to sculpt through, to surfaces (if they were in voxel mode, they would physically merge together, and you probably want to avoid it). Then, move them (without booleans!) under one selected volume of your choice. This will allow you to sculpt through them with any of the surface tools.

To separate the merged volumes after you're done, use Objectify command. The catch is, that you will need to manually restore original names of those volumes and recreate their hierarchy. So, depending on their number, it might be a nuisance or a nightmare. :declare:


On the video I linked up, I'm using a custom script to put all volumes of the default mannequin to root level, and then batch group them under a single volume. This is just to save time on the demonstration. You can do either:

- use Parent function to parent your volumes you want to sculpt through under one volume and then, kind of, collapse it without booleans using the Merge Sub-Tree (no booleans) command.

- or select each volume to be affected, and move it to your target volume with a Merge (move, no booleans) command.

You can also copy your volumes (without booleans too). :) Anyway, either way will work.

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I'm afraid the method I described is, at the moment, the only one that allows for sculpting through multiple meshes. Tools like Move, Pose and Cutoff already have Through All Volumes option, so maybe other tools will get it too eventually.

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