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4.5.19 vs 4.5.38 What Happened to the Move Tool?


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Too Long Don't Read:==================================================================

   i was doodling around in my 4.5.19 DX 64 bit (the one that's been working best with my hardware/software/wetware) this morning, then thought, hey, i should download the latest version and see how much it has improved!

   i installed 4.5.38 in parallel (as usual), popped in a medium-res sphere, and did what i normally do: turn on x symmetry, use the grow tool to grow out a 'muzzle' and a 'skull,' then grab a huge move tool and yank things around to shape a monster head.  and it is NOT what i am used to...!

   the move tool keeps tearing the voxels and leaving artifacts, crashing into other voxels, leaving some voxels behind...



so, image:

TOP:  3D Coat 4.5.38 DX 64; med res voxel sphere, grow tool, and move tool w/ X symmetry.  result: tearing and artifacts.

BOTTOM: 3D Coat 4.5.19 DX 64; med res voxel sphere, grow tool, move tool w/ X symmetry.  result: smoooooooth!


now, i checked the settings of the tools in the two versions.  the move degree was 53 instead of 73.  and then the move tool seemed to have a different brush tip, so i changed it to the default bell curve.

is there some setting i'm missing?  i looked in the preferences under Brushing.  i thought maybe there was a setting in symmetry, because there appeared to be overlapping interference in the brush radius across the symmetry line, but i didn't find anything about adjustments near the symmetry plane.  the resolution is the same (i think??); the number of tris is nearly the same in both examples.



just... WHA!?!??!?!?!!!




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