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Paint across UVMaps with the same resolution

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Hi people

Still learning painting in 3DCoat and maybe a stupid question, but when I am paint a model like Genesis 3 it have many UV islands for arms, head, torso and others. Using CUBe pojection to paint solve almost all my problems and create new ones. BUT I want to know if theres a way to paint with a pattern like in the image across the UV islands ang that the brush get the same size in whole object. Theres a way to do that or I need to really change the brush size to match the others islands?

Look the image how the head, arms and torso have diferent sizes.



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If you use FROM CAMERA projection or paint in the 2D Texture Editor, using a material overlay, it won't matter. The size of your UV island does determine how much resolution it has. More scale = More texture resolution on the UV island/shell.


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I undertood the FROM Camera, but its very hard to fix with a pattern like this one in the image. But I didnt got the idea about paint in 2D (this I know how to do) with "material overlay", what this mean?

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