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Texture Editor Colors very different from Viewport or Color Palette

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Since I've been using 3DCoat, mainly for unwrapping and PBR painting, my objects look way better and I lose far less time with less well thought soft.

Nevertheless, I still have some issues using it, one of them being what's explained in the title and you can witness easily in the screenshot attached :


The 3D mesh's color in the viewport looks fine. Textures exported will have the proper colors. The texture I just exported and loaded in the "Color Palette" in order to easily and quickly pick colors looks fine, BUT the same texture in the "Texture Editor" have redish colors. And I had this issue with all the meshes I did using 3DCoat. Except for the imported normal maps, there's no depth or glossiness, I only used color for this mesh. But still : the texture editor, very convenient because you can paint in 2D there (but symmetry doesn't work in this window, that sucks), shows me wrong colors. Which is very disturbing. No relation with AmbiantOcclusion or Curvature Layers, I tried already.

Could someone please explain me the reason why ? Or even better a trick or something I might have missed that explains and fix this issue ?

Thanks in advance to anyone who could help !

Cheers, Hansolocambo.



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Thanks Carlosan, but as I wrote earlier in the first message : "No relation with AmbiantOcclusion or Curvature Layers, I tried already."

Objects look fine : https://sketchfab.com/models/8080eb1be4f84cce9d86c436cb9118da

But not when I work on the 2d projection in 3DCoat. 

I uploaded the .3b file here. If someone can maybe understand the issue by having a look at it. Cos' I did "many scenes" now with 3DCoat and always had this issue of wrongly displayed colors in the Texture Editor.

http://mcassar.free.fr/3DCoat/Goomba Painting.7z

Thanks ;)

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