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The Ritual

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On 10/14/2016 at 2:21 PM, StefanoCiarrocchi said:

Helllo everybody


I'd like to show you my last personal project, sculpted and rendered with 3DCoat, and then some post work in Photoline

Comments and critics are welcome, hope you enjoy it!

For me, when I see creatures in art, I always think this is an opportunity to be creepy and express the strange anatomy. With this project, the humanoid character looks just fine. But I would have used the insect-like creatures to evoke emotions that cause the viewer to be distant. Use those lanky appendages and posture the creatures with curves, as they worship with an insect like behavior. Make them threatening. You could have given the creature he's standing on the presence of a hand coming at the viewer by cleverly manipulating its legs as if was reaching out with a frightful hand. The two behind him could have been contorted with 2 separate height levels, but both being beneath the "leader". Somehow cleverly curved in a way that offers protection to the leader, but not surrounding him. Also using their legs to increase the "creepy" feel. They should not be so balanced for creatures with so many legs. Their balance comes with an awkward placement of many moving parts. 

Challenge yourself more. Use reference, like the images I provided. Only thing missing from the images is I would have exaggerated the legs a bit more.

Great details with your sculpt. It's easy to see that you have a handle on the software and can achieve micro detail. Keep it up. 





spider creature copy.jpg

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I really hope they're tiny insects on the ground as otherwise that would be terrifying.  I'm finding those light balls a little bit solid but they could just be actual balls with a light in them rather than balls of light like I think they are.  I do like the detail on the bugs :)

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