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Display glitch when moving from windows to mac

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Hey, so I'm fairly new to 3Dcoat, but I keep getting this weird display issue or glitch when moving my work from windows to mac. I have a windows computer at work and when I save out my file and then re-open the same file at home on my mac, the textures become washed out compared to the original file from windows. I'm supposed to get these textures done, but this is messing up my file. It seems to work fine if I make a new file and import the original obj and texture, but I lose my layers. I attached an example below of what is happening, the guy on the right is how it looks on my windows computer and the left image is what it looks like when I open the same file on my mac. Also whats weird is that his base texture(face) stays the same regardless. Any help would be appreciated!



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I figured it out! Seems that for some reason the roughness opacity when at 100% makes all my painted layers display lighter than they are. When I change that value to 0% it returns to normal only on mac for some reason. Hope this can help anyone else who might be confused about this too.

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