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Apply UV Set. Bugged?

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Sometimes you need to bake objects in the same UV set separately. This creates two UV sets with the same name. So you go to UV room combine them back and hit "Apply UV Set"

Every time I use "Apply UV Set" in the UV room and go back to Paint Room it asks if I want to apply changes made. No matter what option I choose, this destroys totally screws up the normal maps on my baked paint objects?

Is this broken or am I doing something wrong? I've been trying to understand what 3D Coat is doing with UV's and baking, but I'm obviously missing something.

Can anyone help?

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Yes the double question needs to be resolved... I think it was mean't to be there if you forgot to apply the uv set in the Retopo room. 

A possible problem you are having with the normal maps is that you have rotated the islands or flipped them. You can not do this as it affects the vectors of the normal map.

Use "PackUV2" as it only scales and arranges the uv islands, no rotation or flipping is preformed.

The above might or might not resolve your problem as I  did not have a complete workflow given in your post.  

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I'll detail my whole workflow because I really need this resolved. I'll do an example from a palm tree I was just working on where I need the leaves baked separately from the trunk due to different outer shell sizes when baking.

Model palm tree.

Create UV set "palm"

Unwrap UV's on trunk and leaves and pack.

Bake normals on leaves using higher shell number to clear complex bends in leaves, 5 inside 4 outer

Bake normals on trunk using lower numbers as it is more standard, 2 inside 2 outer

Now I have 2 baked objects, but also 2 UV sets both named palm

In retopo room select islands from one set and move to other palm UV set.

Hit Apply UV Set to confirm this change.

Delete unused set

Goto paint room. It asks if I want to Apply changes and I say yes.

3D Coat does some thinking and then when it's done my normal maps are screwed up.

I didn't rotate or scale the uv's, just recombined them into the UV set they were originally in.

What's going on? This is driving me insane!


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This is a known BUG

Dont klick on the Apply button. Simple switch to Paint Room and accept all with yes if you get asked something.

That solves most of the problems.


Feel free to add you +1


Maybe Andrew will fix it sonner with more attention.

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Yes, thats correct.

But you could leave it as it is and switch to Paint Room.

After apply everything with yes, you could switch back to UV-Room and delete the unused UV Sets.

Then back to Paint Room and start working.


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