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Udim/tile limit?


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Hi There,  

I've got the demo version of 3dcoat at the moment and was looking to bake maps for some large assets.  

Every time I try to load the obj in I get an 'square of the uv set is too big' error.  Is there a limit to the amount of tiles you can bring in?  

Most of the assets I'm working on are around 70 or so tiles and sometimes up to 200 udims/tiles.  Before anyone asks, yes, I do need that many tiles :)  Sometimes the camera is rubbing up against the asset.




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Hi! Welcome. :)

This happens when you don't have "Import Tiles as UV Sets" ticked on in the import prompt. It is caused by having something outside of 0-1 in UV space, so ticking that option should look at the tiles and import them as you're expecting.


PS - I hear you on needing lots of UV/UDIM tiles. :) It's just the nature of the work.

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