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See attached:

I want to import each of the 3 Cinema4D objects as separate meshes into the paint room.

I basically want them each on their own layer, as in Cinema4D.

I've run out of internet searches, ideas and patience. I've accepted that I have to export each mesh separately and I've sorted out everything on the C4D end. The videos I've watched about isolating contiguous polygons, etc.. all apply to the vox tree/sculpt room and none of those features seem to be available in the paint room. 

...unless there is another way to quickly isolate meshes in order to apply smart materials to each in turn. Please let me know.

3d coat wont do layers.PNG

c4d zep eng.PNG

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before importing add a color material in Cinema4d .color id it for different sections on your model a different color / name for each part. Then when you import into 3dc  you should see the Surface Materials  with those materials listed / parted out . if you don't see it go up to Windows Tab drop down list Pop ups  then you can hide them to show and not show when painting. To make it easier when you have alot name your materials as the parts they are ex:   engine_ring     rear_rivets   etc  as to easly know where on your model they are. hope it helps :mellow: 

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