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Hi there! As of this week, I have been learning how to model - I'm no newbie to the 3D scene though, having used Daz Studio for probably around a decade. It's only recently that something's snapped and I'm sick of being limited by what other people have made. I'm completely devoted to learning how to do this and have been obsessing with all my free time to learn how to do this. I'm really looking forward to my progress in a year. :)

So far, my work flow is looking like >

Hexagon for modelling

Zbrush for sculpting in details

Roadkill for UV mapping

And I'm hoping to use 3Dcoat to texture!

Attached is some of the models I've been working on. I've been trying a dress, but clothing is a little complex for me right now - at least, texturing and rigging it is. :(

I plan to purchase a tablet for 3Dcoat so that I can do texturing better! I have to confess though, I'm a little nervous about having purchased 3Dcoat. I've heard nothing but good things and it was recommended by another Daz Studio user. So, I guess my question is - for creating content for Daz Studio, is 3Dcoat the right program to create/paint textures with? I'm someone that has no drawing skill, despite struggling for years and getting nowhere, but I feel so determined to learn this!!

Looking forward to improving with you all and producing something of quality in the future!! =D 



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Welcome on board :D If DAZ can UV map and/or Ptex (and I am currently assuming it can at least do one of those things because all 3d apps should) everything will be fine :) Painting shouldn't be too hard if you know how to colour and I don't think you will regret the purchase there.  There's a comment in another post with a link to some beginner videos if that helps start getting your head around things :)

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Hi and welcome Ashfire!

With nothing but determination you can learn something, so I think you are ahead of the curve. :) Just get the right tools for the job (tablet) and you can start working on your craft.

It sounds like you have your pipeline nailed down. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Looking forward you watching you're progression. :)

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