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Retopology problem


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So, I imported my reference and then imported the retopology (retopo>import) so I could fix some details I wasnt able to do in zbrush with proyect. I imported half of the item so I could apply the symetry. I closed the proyect and re-opened it and the problem is that both sides look dull; both sides have the same color and if I export that object to Maya, those parts are separated, I have to merge each vertex together.

Help :(



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Hi! Welcome. :)

It looks like that  you have different retopology objects/layers in the Retopo Object tab. If you don't see the tab you can find it under Windows>Popups>Retopo Objects. You'll want consolidate all of your separate meshes to one object. You can do this in the Retopo room, by selecting the Retopo Object first, then in the Retopo Objects panel, click the button that says "Select all faces in this layer", then select the object you want to paste it to, and click the next button that says "Move selected faces to the current layer".

Once you do this you'll have one object, but the verts might still be unwelded. I would recommend at this point to export the mesh, run a weld command in Maya (sorry, I cannot recall the names equivalent from Modo to Maya). Once you've done this part, you can re-import that mesh with all the welded verts back to 3DC in the Retopo room via Retopo>Import. I would first delete your old mesh just to make sure there is no confusion. Now you can bake and resume the project as normal.

I know it's a lot to read, but it shouldn't take too long to complete. I hope that helps.

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