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Workflow for Models from External Program

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Hello, I have a beginners question regarding basic workflow. 

I do all my modeling in Cinema 4D and at this point, am looking to use 3D Coat for the UV tools (SO GOOD!) and the painting. 

Basically, I'm just looking for resources/youtubes you may now of that discuss this workflow. For example, I want to know how to get a Normal Map for my object, but most of the tuts I've come across talk about baking a normal from a low poly/high poly mesh created within 3D Coat. At this point, 100% of my modeling will be done outside of 3D Coat, and I'll just be UV'ing and painting. 

Just curious if anyone else follows this workflow or has any tips for me in regards to preparing the model.


Thanks in advance,


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There is an AppLink for C4D which makes it easier to go between them. Import your model for PPP, paint away, export the normal map (in the Textures menu). 

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