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I have some requests. Would like to know what do you think about them. :)

Thanks in advance.

1. Procedural noises, specially for texturing
Right now, there is no (complex) noise creator inside 3d-Coat, and only on sculpt room. That would be great for sculpting and texturing, but specially texturing. Why? Because, right now, Smart Materials are totally dependent of user textures. So, if you don't have an extensive library of noises and grunge maps, you can't create anything great with smart materials at all.

2. Non destructive smart materials
Smart Materials are great, but would be greater if we have a way to make changes on the material without the need to re-apply them on the layers and objects, or even without have several intances of the same smart material while creating them and testing out.  

3. Quick UV Editor toggle visibily button
Having the texture UV editor window fixed may take away precious screen space while have to go trough menus and dock it again can be somewhat annoying. So would be great to have a button to display some viewports on Paint Room: one with the models only, one with the UV editor, one with both side by side. Exactly like Substance Painter actually.

4. Layer maks like Photoshop
I heard that this feature is coming, but would be great to know more about it in order to give suggestions.

5. A real smoothing option for painting
I'm painting right now some 8k textures. There is no way for blending colors in any way while painting. The smoothing (shift) does nothing at all, unfortunatelly.

6. Sculpt layers
This is a non-brainer. Cinema 4D, Modo, and many other software uses. I may be wrong, but it seems that only 3D-Coat doesn't have a feature like this.

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I think are very good suggestions.

Could you please send this feature requests to Andrew Shpagin at


Ty !

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Yeah, already did. Hope more people find them useful.

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