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Photo to 3D Model Cleaning Aid...

Tufan Sezgin

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Hello to everyone. Thank you for your help...
The following video tutorial by Phil Nolan is excellent for photo to 3d model> (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6eqW6yk50k&t=30s).
I created a 3D model with Phil's shared rock photos (https://www.dropbox.com/s/g9rxzs59lt59pq3/rock_video_images.zip?dl=0).
I want to clear the mesh surplus with 3DCoat software;
1) File> New> Voxel Sculpting> Open> Rock.obj (https://www.dropbox.com/s/uf8jq27dyl5bh3b/Rock 3DCoat Import.rar?dl=0)
2) I clean it with the help of "cut off" tool (https://www.dropbox.com/s/m02dzml45j6s62p/Rock 3DCoat Cleared.rar?dl=0)
3) I'm going to the "paint" tab. 
4) "Export Objects & Textures" (It does not create the "texture" file!)
5) Textures> Export> Color / Albedo Map (Black "texture" file!)
 I want to create OBJ and Texture map files. I'm cleaning up, doing OBJ, creating texture map. But it is black! Can you help me with this? Do you know a training video to help me? I'm doing the wrong thing.
l want to 3D scanned (Photo to 3D mesh) model and texture map (original scanned point texture map) from 3DCoat software (It's not an FBX file!).
1) Rock Cleared.obj (Close or open mesh!) (https://www.dropbox.com/s/8syibbsevab9h4h/Rock Cleared.rar?dl=0)
I want to scan different models. I am waiting for help and an answer. Thank you...



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Hey guys, Tufan first emailed me about this. It looks like he successfully filed) followed my tutorial for the scan but. Then this export from 3DC, getting a black texture. I think I saw something like this mentioned in here before so I thought he might get a better answer here. If anyone knows why it might export a black image please let us know.

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Hi !

Are you referring to this post ?

If you export using "Diffuse" for a texture,  the color will be darkened where ever there is Metalness painted.  You can see the image below for descriptions (Hovering over stuff in 3d Coat often gives you a description).  

What seems weird to me, is that changing the Texture Workflow doesn't seem to do anything for me.  "Color (albedo)" seems to get the color information despite being set to "gloss/specular" workflow.

Anyway, if you are using Metalness and your paint layer's Metal Opacity is above 0%, then Diffuse will be darkened.  So, you need to export "Color (albedo)" and not Diffuse.  If you are not using Metalness, or your Metal Opacity in your paint layers is set to 0%, then you can export with Diffuse and still receive color information.

If anyone wants to clarify or expand on this, please feel free to interject.  


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That's not what I want to tell you! I want to clean the photo to 3d model. I clean it with 3d coat but i can not export texture map file! Texture map is black (https://www.dropbox.com/s/8syibbsevab9h4h/Rock Cleared.rar?dl=0).

Could you export this file as OBJ and color map? (https://www.dropbox.com/s/m02dzml45j6s62p/Rock 3DCoat Cleared.rar?dl=0)

Is this my problem I'm not RETOPO? UV map? Or am I doing the cleaning process wrong? I want to make a 3d model from scanned photographs. I want to clean up and create project_name.obj and project_color_map.jpeg files.

Training on cleaning scanned objects? Clearing scanned objects? Export? Please review the sent files (Links) ...

Thank you very much in advance...


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Is this my problem: I'm not RETOPO ?

The sculpt room does not have UV capabilities. But it can import your textures as vertex paints if you import it as a surface object, you'll also need the .mtl file to go with your .obj though. (FBX with "embed media" should also work, but not tested as far as I know) If you don't have the .mtl file I think someone else mentioned that you could import the object into the paint room first, with the textures, and then export it back out as an obj. You should also then get the .mtl file with this new export. Provided your .obj, .mtl and textures exist in the same place, when you import the obj to the sculpt room as a surface object, it "should" come in with textures as vert paints.

With your object in the sculpt room and textures applied (via vertices), you can tweak it, but you'll eventually need to perform an autoretopo, apply auto UV's, and bake that original scanned mesh as a new cleaned up mesh with hopefully better UV's too.

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