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3D Coat Crashing Every Time I Try to Bake


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Hello, I'm currently on the trial version of 3D Coat, seeing if it's right for me (I say that just in case there's some limitations in the trail version unbeknownst to me).

I currently have a relatively basic obj. file (a bell post) that I've retopo'd. I now want to update the model in the paint room with the retopo mesh, and then afterwards bake normals. 

Every time I bake though, 3D Coat crashes. Every time. Any hints on what could be going wrong? I'm on a GTX 780, 16gbs of RAM, so I'm not thinking the rig is the issue, but who knows. 


Thanks in advance everyone; besides these occasional technical hiccups, I'm enjoying learning this program. 


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Appreciate it; that didn't help in this particular case, but I DID manage to get done what I was trying to do (bake a normal map). I just used Normal Bake w/ PTEX and that sent over the normal as well as the low-poly mesh to the paint room. Feels really good to have that done! First time I've baked normals.

I'll keep fiddling and bump the thread if I find out the direct source of the crash. Thanks for the suggestion.  

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